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The Radical Essentials Pamphlet Series [REPS]

Founding Editor: Yusef Progler

The Radical Essentials Pamphlet Series brings readers a collection of reprinted book chapters, essays and lectures that are necessary for envisioning life beyond the hegemonic grip of Western modernity, its knowledge traditions and its socio-economic systems. Emphasizing influential and ground-breaking works that have grown out of socio-political struggles, the pamphlets feature maverick thinkers operating within the Western intellectual tradition and Third World thinkers developing their own intellectual traditions. The focus of the series is on action-oriented critical analysis about a variety of contemporary topics, including the environment, colonialism, consumerism, technology, health and education.

These pamphlets are published by Citizens International (Penang, Malaysia) and
selected titles are also available in Malay and Chinese. They can be ordered from
Citizens International; for further information, please see
or send an email to

Titles in print include the following:

Ward Churchill, "White Studies: The Intellectual Imperialism of Higher Education"

John Mohawk and the Haudenosaunee Nation, "A Basic Call to Consciousness:
Indigenous Peoples Address to the Western World"

Ivan Illich, "Redefining Education: Why We Must Disestablish School"

Ali Shariati, "Enlightened Thinkers and the Revolutionary Society: Where Shall We Begin?"

David Noble, "Digital Diploma Mills: Technology and the
Business Takeover of Higher Education"

Jalal Al-e Ahmad, "Occidentosis: A Plague From the West"

Marco Pallis, "The Significance of Human Attire: Do Clothes Make the Person?"
[for a PDF file of this, please click here]

Malcolm X, "Why I Am Not an American"

Paulo Freire, "Pedagogy of the Oppressed: An Education for Humanization"

Albert Memmi, "The Colonizer and the Colonized: A Mutually Destructive Relationship"

Other titles are in preparation, and include the following:

Ahmad Ghorab, "Subverting Islam: Orientalism and the Oxford Center for Islamic Studies"

Ali Shariati, "Civilization and Modernization: Are They The Same?"

Noam Chomsky, "What America Really Wants"

Frantz Fanon, "The Elements Of A Dying Colonialism"

Richard Lewontin, "Biology As Ideology: The Distorted Doctrine of DNA"


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