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Inaugural Conference of Multiversity, February 2002, Penang, Malaysia.

The following papers, speeches and documents are available from the inaugural Multiversity conference in Penang, February 2002:

S. M. Mohamed Idris, Inaugural Address: "The Launch of Multiversity"

Bhupinder Chimni, "On Being Colonized by 'International Law'"

Mohideen Kader, "Colonialism and the Legal Structures of Malaysia"

B. S. Chimni, "Lawyers for International Justice", a briefing prepared subsequent to the conference.

Jessica Hutchins, "Some Thoughts on Maori Science and Education"

Claude Alvares, "The Multiversity Enterprise"

Ashis Nandy, "My Idea of Multiversity"

Claude Alvares, "On Books, Publishing, and Intellectual Independence from the West"

Pawan K. Gupta, "Reflections on Multiversity -- Post-Malaysia"

Yusef Progler, "Multiversity Notes: Reflections on Readings and Resources: Definitive and Affective Dimensions"

At a Glance:
Mulitversity Related

Recapturing Worlds:
The Original Multiversity

Penang 2002: The First Conference on the Deconstruction
of Knowledge

Dissenting Knowledges Pamphlet Series (ed. Vinay Lal)

Radical Essentials Pamphlet Series (ed. Yusef Progler)

Penang 2004: The Second Conference on Redesigning Social Science Curricula

Special issue of Humanscape on Multiversity (April 2005)

Special issue of Third World Resurgence (2005) on Multiversity

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Kamirithu: The Newsletter of Multiversity
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